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Golden Shower Tree Seeds

Golden Shower Tree Seeds

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It is one of those trees that seems to rain gold every spring. Its lovely little dangling yellow flowers cover the entire plant, making it look spectacular. Also, it looks great as a solo item, but could also be used in lineups or in groups.

Origin and characteristics of the rain of gold

Cassia fistula is a deciduous tree native to Egypt, the Middle East and some parts of Asia that reaches a height of 6 to 20 meters. Its crown is highly branched, and is made up of large, alternate and deciduous leaves. The flowers are grouped in hanging clusters between 30 and 80 centimeters long, and it also produces legumes that contain dark colored seeds.

It is popularly known as cane fistula or rain of gold, it is used as a laxative, astringent and as a remedy for minor blows.

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