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Ash tree seeds

Ash tree seeds

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How to plant an ash tree step by step

Prepare a pot with good soil and add the seeds.
The substrate should cover the seeds very lightly so that they have access to air. If they are buried too deep, they may not develop well.

Water abundantly to ensure that moisture penetrates to the bottom of the pot, so the seeds will remain in a pleasant environment for them.

Place the pot in a space where it receives diffuse sunlight most of the day.

Move forward with the transplant once the first leaves begin to appear. The ideal is to separate the small plants into individual pots so that they gain more strength before moving them to the garden.

When it's time to bring the seedling into the garden, dig a medium-deep hole where you can comfortably establish the root ball.

Cover with the excess soil and water abundantly in this first phase.

What care does the ash tree need?

Be careful with strong winds The ash tree, despite being a species capable of reaching 40 meters in height, is not very resistant to strong winds, so it must be taken care of.

It is a situation that will have to be given more attention, especially when it is small. A good idea is to make a barrier in the area where the winds come from most frequently.
Monitor the temperature Taking care of the temperature of the environment will only be necessary in summer because, in itself, it is quite friendly to the cold of winter.

In fact, the ash tree is one of those species that will free us from worries when there are risks of frost because it is capable of resisting them.

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