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Alubia Bean Seeds

Alubia Bean Seeds

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Etymology: From the tree. hisp. allúbya, east of the ár. clas. lúbiyā′, and this from the Persian lubeyā.

The kidney bean is a legume that is widely grown around the world for its nutritional and culinary value.

It is a plant native to America

They are one of the oldest foods known to man; They have been an important part of the human diet for thousands of years. They are among the first food plants to be domesticated and then cultivated.

Common beans began to be cultivated approximately 7000 years BC in southern Mexico. In Mexico, the natives grew white beans, black beans, and all other colored varieties. Also small seeds and large seeds.

When the conquerors of the Iberian Peninsula arrived in the New World, several varieties of beans flourished. Christopher Columbus called them faxónes and favas because of their resemblance to the old world beans, the Aztecs called them etl, the Mayans called them búul and quinsoncho, the Incas purutu, the Cumanagotos of Venezuela called them caraotas, in the Caribbean they called them cunada, the chibchas jistle or histe.

Early explorers and traders later carried American bean varieties around the world, and by the early 17th century, beans were already popular crops in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

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