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Genovese Basil Seeds

Genovese Basil Seeds

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Genovese giant basil is a perennial plant with erect stems and large, petiolate, somewhat irregular and toothed leaves. Its flowers are white or soft purple and its fruits are achenes.

Genovese giant basil belongs to the Lamiaceae family and from Asia, it has been widely used in ancient times in the Mediterranean area. However, this variety is of Italian origin and since 2005 it has a Protected Designation of Origin. The town of Pra' (Genoa) is famous for its cultivation.

It is widely used to make pesto and other Ligurian recipes, although luck has wanted it to cross borders so today you can find it almost anywhere. But there is no way to grow it at home, so if you want to do it, keep in mind that you will need a sunny place, although it is versatile and adaptable.

This plant can reach more than 2 meters in height, very easy to grow. You don't need anything more than a pot or a small surface because it is a very undemanding plant, which you can even grow next to a window in your kitchen.

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