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Basil seeds

Basil seeds

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Aromatic herb native to Iran, India and other tropical regions of Asia, reaching up to 50 cm in height. It has whitish flowers. Carminative, diuretic, anesthetic and disinfectant properties are attributed to it. It is popularly used for earaches. As a condiment it is very tasty, either in the preparation of tomato sauces or to accompany pasta, salads, mushrooms, poultry and eggs.

It has large and tender leaves with a mild aroma. It should be picked tender and eaten fresh or barely cooked so that its aroma is not lost . It can also be dried to be used later, of the aromatic plants it is the one that takes the longest to dry.

It is an annual perennial plant, which does not reach a great height, although it can sometimes exceed 130 cm. Its fine stems are covered with leaves that are usually oval, wider or finer, sometimes toothed, with different shades of green to deep purple, almost black. The flowers develop from spikes at the top, tubular and white or purplish in color, small .

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