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Rainbow Chard Seeds

Rainbow Chard Seeds

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Rainbow chard or the so-called colored chard can be yellow, orange or red, in various shades depending on the variety. We are facing edible plants and at the same time very decorative. Its flavor is the same as that of the rest of the chard, similar to that of spinach, although somewhat milder.

Where are you from?

Its cultivation is documented in ancient Greece, 400 years BC In our country, the naturalist priest Pérez Castellano, in 1848 said: "chards are raised here without care, because wherever they are planted, they reproduce..."

 What Features Does It Have?

It has a deep and fibrous root that allows it to store reserves to generate new leaves after each harvest. The leaves are large and oval in shape, ranging from light to dark green depending on the variety. There are purple varieties, with reddish leaves, and similar in shape to common chard.

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