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Grass Seed for Sports 100 gr (Makes 25 m2)

Grass Seed for Sports 100 gr (Makes 25 m2)

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Very rough grass with broad leaves. It withstands saline climates quite well, as well as heat and drought (water stress). It is the one that most resists footsteps thanks to its density. grows rapidly.

Species for temperate climates, light green in color and with wide, coarse leaves with hairy blades. It stands out from the grass in terms of speed of implementation and aggressiveness. Ideal for low maintenance applications that do not require high quality. Very tolerant to salinity. In winter, if the temperature drops below 6 - 7°C it remains whitish, although it sprouts without problems when it returns to above 10°C. It does not tolerate waterlogging, so it can also be recommended as a component of slopes and does not accept excessively clayey, acidic and poorly drained soils.

Planting recommendations

Planting density

1kg x 250m2

Sowing dates

Spring and Early Autumn

Planting depth


Optimum PH

5.8 - 6.5


7 -14 days

cutting height

7.5 to 10cm

Planting instructions

· Rake the soil well, removing all clods.

· Water with water to moisten it, without flooding.

To make better use of the seed:

In an empty bucket, place black soil halfway.

Mix the seed with the soil until a homogeneous mixture of the soil and the seed is formed.

Now broadcast, evenly, the mixture of seeds with soil that you previously

Germination can take between 7 - 14 days, keep the soil moist with gentle watering.

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