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Seeds for Wild Birds 1.5 Kg

Seeds for Wild Birds 1.5 Kg

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Our 100% Natural Food for wild birds ; It is a balanced blend that is made with only the best ingredients, without dyes, sprinkles, sweets or chemicals of any kind. It contains a variety of seeds that provide essential nutrients and vitamins for your birds, such as:

  • Canary seed: rich in proteins and carbohydrates

  • Broken rice: easy to digest and high in energy

  • Oat grains: good source of fiber and antioxidants

  • Canola: contains omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E

  • Barley: helps regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels

  • Rye: supports the immune system and digestion.

  • Coriander: has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties

  • Flaxseed: improves skin and feather health

  • Yellow corn: provides carbohydrates and vitamin A

  • White millet: attracts many types of birds

  • Red millet: low in fat and high in iron

  • Turnip: increases metabolism and bone health

  • Wheat: offers proteins and minerals

Our natural food will not only satisfy your birds' hunger, but will also benefit their overall well-being. Feeding wild birds can also help with flower pollination, insect control, weed prevention, education, entertainment, and connecting with nature.

+100% Natural Food

+No coloring

+No sugars or sweets

+No chemicals of any kind


Place approx. A cup of the seeds from this package in a bird feeder or an extended dish, so that the birds have enough food throughout the day, accompanied by a container with drinking water.


s inside the packaging.

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