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Red Sunflower Seeds

Red Sunflower Seeds

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Ornamental sunflower (many varieties are called "red sunflower" ) is the common name for various cultivars of sunflowers intended for ornamentation in parks and gardens or for the cut flower market. Some of these sunflowers are completely red and vary in color all the way to orange.

The growth and harvest of this flower is annual, which means that it germinates, blooms, and dies over the course of a year .

Among the most popular plants in history are sunflowers , thanks to their physical beauty and, of course, their vibrant yellow color, not to mention their sheer size. In addition, these flowers are also one of the favorites to decorate , regardless of whether they are in vases, pots

 The sunflower is one of the most popular flowering plants today. This beautiful plant is native to America, specifically from the center and north of the continent, with Mexico being the main producer . In addition, it is one of the favorite flowers for decorating gardens and flower arrangements, since sunflowers are also one of the most cultivated for the food sector.

The most important characteristic , and for which these flowers receive their name, is their ability to follow the path of the sun, as they turn in search of sunlight. The sunflower has the ability to move and orient its leaves, its stems and its flowers towards the sun in a natural way and this is known as heliotropism. Sunflowers constantly seek sunlight, so they can twist and move until they receive the light they need.

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