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Custard apple seeds

Custard apple seeds

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Chiri… what? Cherimoya, another of the winter fruits June 24, 2019

Although it occurs in the NOA, it is almost unknown in Argentina. As exotic as delicious.

How to describe the custard apple? It is a delicate fruit, very sweet, with a refreshing, white and juicy pulp, populated with oblong black seeds.

Its flavor, difficult to describe, oscillates between banana and pear, and has a slight touch of acidity. Its external appearance is that of a green pomegranate, which when ripe takes on a warmer color. It is a complex fruit, formed by the union of the pistils with the receptacle.

It is an Andean fruit, native to Peru, an ancient domestication dating back to 2700 BC, but which has adapted well to some regions of the NOA. Its name comes from the Quechua words chiri (cold) and moya (round or fruit). The fruit comes from the custard apple, a tree that flowers in summer and its fruits ripen in winter, although it is very sensitive to frost.

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