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Curious facts about Lettuce

Lettuce is a plant that has its origins in the Mediterranean region, probably in Egypt and Middle Eastern countries. It is believed that it has been cultivated for about 4,000-5,000 years.

Some interesting facts about the origin of lettuce:

  • The first records of lettuce cultivation date back to ancient Egypt around 2500 BC. Hieroglyphs and paintings have been found in tombs showing varieties of lettuce.

  • The Greeks and Romans also grew lettuce as an important part of their diet. There are records that it was served as an appetizer at banquets.

  • During the Middle Ages, lettuce continued to be popular in Europe. It became very common in monastic gardens.

  • The original varieties of lettuce probably had rather bitter leaves and a strong flavor. Over time, through selection, sweeter varieties with less intense flavor were developed.

  • The Spanish conquistadors introduced lettuce to the American continent in the 16th century. By then there were already varieties such as buttery and Roman.

  • Today, the greatest diversity of lettuce types occurs in the Mediterranean region, reinforcing the idea that this area is the center of origin of this crop.

In summary, lettuce has a very ancient agricultural tradition originating in the Mediterranean and the Middle East, later expanding to the world.

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