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Adzuky Bean Seeds

Adzuky Bean Seeds

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Adzuki are ancient Asian legumes, commonly grown as a dried legume or bean, but are also sometimes used fresh.

The Vigna angularis plant, known as the bean, bean or adzuki (or azuki) bean and also sometimes as red soybean, is a legume cultivated in the Far East and the Himalayas.

Its seed measures about 5 mm and is normally an intense and uniform red color with few variations, although it can rarely be white, black or grey.

Genetic evidence shows that adzuki was cultivated first in the Himalayas and then in China and Korea (after 1000 BC), later reaching Japan, where it is currently the second most popular legume after soybeans.

Adzuki bean nutrition is off the charts with loads of fiber and vitamins. Beans are fairly easy to grow but require a long season, so start growing them indoors in short-season climates. Growing adzuki beans in your home garden will help you reap the health benefits of these little beans and add some interest to the family table through their diversity.

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