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Mung Bean Seeds

Mung Bean Seeds

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The Mung Bean or Chinese Bean is a herbaceous legume, native to India, especially popular in Asia where it is often eaten sprouted with an annual vegetative cycle, with erect and voluble growth; It can measure between 0.15 – 1 meter in height; It has taproots and fibrous roots

The pods are thin and cylindrical in shape, measuring between 6 - 8 centimeters long, indehiscent, hairy with silky hairs when in a tender state and can have between 10 - 12 seeds; They range in color from greenish to golden green and measure between 3 – 5 millimeters long. Its stems have little pubescence and are covered with brown hair. In addition, its yellow flowers are approximately 1 centimeter long and its first flowers appear between 7 – 8 weeks after sowing.


Sow in a pot, planter, directly into the ground when the frost has passed or to make sprouts. It can be established in fertile, sandy soils; tolerates drought and shade well.


The harvest of the seeds can be done between 12 – 14 weeks.

How to GERMINATE mung beans.

Pour the beans into cold water and let them swell for a few hours (overnight if possible). Then, drain them and rinse them well. Put them in a container, cover them with damp gauze and moisten them from time to time. The next day, pale and very nutritious sprouts will have emerged, which will help you avoid many diseases and organize your weight, complexion, hair and nails.

Shoots that do not exceed one centimeter in length are considered the most useful.

weight loss:Carbohydrates are the enemies of any diet aimed at improving your figure, but not in this case. It is extremely difficult for the body to survive without carbohydrates, and over time, their deficiency can seriously affect the state of health.

That's why even on the strictest protein diet you need to allow yourself some carbohydrates. It's usually rice, but mung beans fit even better. Firstly, they can be eaten almost raw, which reduces their calorie content to a minimum. Secondly, they are very nutritious and quickly saturated. And the third reason mung beans are a catalyst for the weight loss process.

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