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Nantes Carrot Seeds

Nantes Carrot Seeds

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The Nantes carrot is a popular variety of carrot characterized by its cylindrical shape, tender texture, and sweet flavor.

The Nantes carrot originated in the Nantes region of France. It is a variety of carrot that has been cultivated and appreciated for its flavor and texture since the 19th century.

The carrot comes from Asia. The oldest known evidence of carrot consumption by humans dates back to 3,000 BC. C. in Afghanistan. Those carrots were purple on the outside and yellow on the inside. At first they ate their stems and leaves. In the 1st century the root is mentioned for the first time in classical sources. In Europe, there is evidence of its consumption since the eighth century, with descriptions of the purple, red and yellow varieties. It is even believed that the word carrot comes from the Andalusian Arabic. Arab traders spread the carrot seed throughout Asia, Africa, and Arab countries, including Spain. Thus, varieties with different shades of purple, white, yellow, green and even black arose.

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