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Chantenai Carrot Seeds

Chantenai Carrot Seeds

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The Chantenay carrot is a specific variety of carrot known for its spiky, cylindrical shape, which flares out at the top . Next, I will provide you with information about its characteristics, vegetative cycle, sowing, cultivation and harvest:


- Shape: The Chantenay carrot has a cylindrical shape with a rounded or slightly pointed tip. It is widest at the top and tapers towards the root.

- Size: It is usually medium in size, shorter than traditional orange carrots.

- Color: The Chantenay carrot has a bright orange color on the outside and a lighter colored core.

- Texture: It is juicy and crunchy, ideal both for eating raw and for cooking.

Vegetative cycle:

- The Chantenay carrot has a vegetative cycle that generally ranges from 70 to 80 days from planting to harvest, although this can vary depending on growing conditions and weather.


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