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Yellow Cherry Tomato Seeds

Yellow Cherry Tomato Seeds

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The origin of the tomato dates back to Aztec Mexico, at least to the 15th century AD.

It has a high nutritional value, ideal to be consumed fresh, only in Mexico is it called "tomato" since the rest of the world is known as tomato. It is native to Central America or Peru, when America was discovered it was already widely used in Central and South America. Sunny and warm climates are optimal for its development, the optimal temperature for its development is 18°C ​​and 25°C , cold and frost affect it considerably , soft soils with a good presence of organic matter are ideal.

The yellow cherry tomato is a small, rounded fruit that is believed to be a genetic mix between Solanum pimpinellifolium and domesticated garden tomatoes. The size range of this tomato varies from a fingertip to a golf ball, and its shape can be spherical or slightly obolong. It is usually red, although there are orange, yellow, green, and black varieties.

Similar to the tomato plant, but smaller in size and equally smaller fruits. At the beginning of growth its stem is straight, but as time goes by it will tend to fall to the sides and become tangled with its branches. It has yellow flowers that appear at the beginning of spring, normally consisting of four/five petals, which will subsequently give rise to fruits that will initially be green and over time will turn to the color of the cherry tomato variety in question. .

The plant does not demand much in itself, and can grow in an area with a temperate climate, with abundant watering and at least a couple of hours of sunshine, although it is preferable that the soil be fertilized for optimal growth and good fruit production. It is also advisable to use fertilizers, which will increase the density of the foliage and the quality of the fruits. A good example is a fertilizer rich in potassium (K2O. For controlled growth, it is preferable to use a stake that will properly guide the growth of stems and branches.

SOWING : Sow indoors or outdoors, in a pot, planter, seedbed* or directly into the ground at a depth of 5 to 15 mm, leaving a distance between plant and plant of 70 cm when there is no risk of frost, in optimal weather conditions and soil will take 6 to 10 days to germinate and up to 43 days in extreme conditions. Place a 1.20 m pole buried next to each plant to serve as a stake to tie the main stem to it.

HARVEST: Harvesting takes approx. From 90 to 120 days depending on weather conditions, cut the fruits when they have completely acquired their red color, but before they lose their firmness, taking them in your hand and turning them slightly to separate them from the stem.

Ideal for planting in pots due to its small grape-like size.

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