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Laurel Seeds

Laurel Seeds

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Did you know that in ancient Rome bay leaves were a symbol of glory, power and fame?

Bay leaves not only have an interesting historical component, but are also used as aromatic plants or given culinary use.

If you are looking for a simple and low-demand crop, laurel is one of the best alternatives.

When should it be planted?

Plant them preferably during spring or early summer.


It should be exposed to a moderate amount of light to prevent it from drying out easily. This, particularly, during the summer, when the sun is quite intense.

It is recommended that they receive between 4 and 6 hours of light a day and a little shade in the evening.

They are not tolerant of low temperatures.

Soak the seed 24 hours before sowing to speed up germination; Immediately afterwards, sow in a seedbed or seedbed and once germinated in 15 to 20 days, transplant to the final location of the bush when it is 15 cm high.


How often should it be watered?

It is a plant that does not need much watering. In fact, it is preferable to reduce watering rather than overwater it. Excess moisture encourages the growth of fungi that are harmful to the plant.

It adapts very well to the lack of moisture in the soil thanks to its deep root system.

In a pot it requires more constant watering. Likewise, during the warmer seasons.

Try to keep the top layer of soil always moist and that will be enough.

 How do we prepare the land?

It adapts well to different types of soils, although they prefer deep ones, with good drainage and a good supply of organic matter.

For pot cultivation we must use a pot with a minimum depth of 50 cm and a diameter of 60.

 How to harvest laurel

The leaves are used for cooking and can be harvested at any time once the tree is established.

Cut fresh branches to use directly. Never harvest more than 1/3 of the leaves at a time.

It is best to pick them early in the morning to preserve their aromatic flavor.

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