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Red Kale Seeds

Red Kale Seeds

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Kale is considered one of the “super vegetables” due to its high concentration of vitamins and minerals. ... Red Russian Kale is somewhat spicier than Green Kale, but sweeter. Redbor Kale is a variety of cabbage like Curly Kale, and both tend to increase in bitterness as the leaf matures.

Kale is a winter vegetable that is very resistant to soil type and diseases. Even so, it is not a highly appreciated species, because, if not cooked correctly, it can have a bitter and strong flavor. Some of its varieties are also planted for exclusively aesthetic purposes because it is a beautiful and decorative species.

Kale grows in all types of soil, unlike other cruciferous species such as cabbage or cauliflower. To prepare for sowing, find a sunny place and incorporate Humus (organic matter) into the soil the previous fall.

SOWING: At the end of spring, sowing begins, dispersing the seeds over the ground, they should be 1 cm deep. Once the seedlings germinate, the crop must be thinned, respecting a distance of 5 cm between seedlings.

TRANSPLANT: When the seedlings reach 13 cm of stem at a distance of 45-60 cm between them.

CARE: The main care that this plant requires is: maintaining watering in dry periods and eliminating weeds. You can also mulch the soil using garden compost to prevent these from appearing.

HARVEST: One of the virtues of this vegetable is that it has a long harvest period, from autumn to mid-spring. Cabbage leaves are collected, starting from the crown and collecting the most tender leaves, to facilitate the appearance of lateral shoots that will be harvested in spring. A sharp knife should be used to cut the leaves.

Kale is a resistant plant, which due to its properties fights pests and diseases of other plants in the family in natural (biological) ways. It is not affected by cabbage fly or cabbage hernia, although it can be attacked by other pests such as whitefly, cabbage caterpillar and cabbage aphid.

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