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Pink Pampas Grass Seeds

Pink Pampas Grass Seeds

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Wonderful Pampas Grass, Perennial plant. Simply put, you can easily grow pampas grass in your own garden.

It grows in a dense mass, and can reach 3m in height; evergreen leaves, long and thin, 1–2m long and 1cm wide, with very sharp edges (must be handled with care), blue-green, but can reach silvery gray; its spikelets 15-25mm, each with 4-6 flowers. Male flowers with 3 stamens, rudimentary ovary; female with a developed ovary and two feathery styles.

Blooms in late summer.

It is highly adaptable , growing in a wide range of environments and climates. Great tolerance to drought and alkaline, acidic, clay and sandy soils .

They are used to decorate dried vases , for that they are cut when they are young and dried upside down. It prefers warm areas and does not tolerate frost well. Light to full sun, but grows in partial shade.

Where to plant?

Pampas grass can be planted directly in the garden. It is also often planted in pots , as decorative elements of private homes or public spaces. They look fantastic in hotel hallways with decorations that reference the natural environment. It grows well in moist soil, so it can often be found on the coast.

How does pampas grass grow and flower?

Pampas grass grows similarly most of the time. They form tall, lush clusters and their leaves reach up to 2 meters long. As many claim, the plant resembles a natural fountain - after reaching a certain height, the leaves bend slightly.


In a moderate climate, pampas grass is the biggest attraction in late summer . This is when the fluffy clusters appear. Depending on the species, they can last until the end of November or even the beginning of December. Much depends on whether the weather conditions are favorable.

How does pampas grass grow and flower?

Choosing the right place for the plant is the basic issue for growing pampas grass. Although the plant does not require much, it needs:

  • Heat,
  • the sunlight,
  • windbreak.

Pampas Grass - soil requirements

They love rich soils - full of humus, nutrients and slightly acidic. It is very important for its correct growth. Therefore, if your garden conditions do not meet those requirements, you need to fertilize the soil - especially in spring and summer, before the plant begins to flower.


Pampas grass needs an adequate amount of water during the growth and flowering phase. Therefore, the most important element of its care is watering the perennial plant.

Be very careful during the weeding process. Wear appropriate clothing and protective gloves. Pampas grass has very sharp leaves and takes only a moment to be seriously injured.


📍 When does pampas grass bloom?

Pampas grass blooms in September in moderate climates. Due to various weather conditions, it could happen sooner. Typically, the flowering season for pampas grass falls between September and November.

📍 How to grow pampas grass from seed?

If you have seeds, you can plant them in late fall or early spring. Choose a sunny location, aerate the soil and scatter the seeds, covering them again with soil. Water daily. Propagate pampas grass from seeds can be difficult and sometimes it is best to purchase seedlings from a store.

📍 Where to buy pampas grass?

The garden store should be your first step, although not all stores have pampas grass on sale. You can also check plant nurseries or online stores.

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