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Tatsoi seeds

Tatsoi seeds

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Tatsoi is a crop that adapts to different conditions. It is a fairly resistant plant that can be grown at any time of the year , it is indicated that it grows well with temperatures between 8 to 25°C.

You may have never heard of the tatsoi plant, but chances are you've eaten it before. If you're a fan of pre-washed mixed greens, chances are tatsoi is in there! So what is it exactly?

Originally from Japan, this Asian vegetable belongs to the cabbage family. A low-growing annual plant with small, spoon-shaped leaves that resembles basil, tatsoi is also called spoon mustard, spinach mustard or bok choy rosette. This versatile vegetable has a mild mustardy flavor and is actually quite easy to grow! The plant itself looks very similar to spinach, although the stems are white and sweet.

Growing around 2.5cm, the tatsoi spreads and can grow up to 30cm wide. With a cool climate, this vegetable can withstand temperatures as low as (-26C) and can even be harvested in the winter directly from the snow.

Basically, you can grow green tatsoi anywhere in the world as they are not picky about the climate at all.

Sow Green Tatsoi:

Till the soil 15 to 30 cm to loosen compacted soil and break up clods.

Incorporate 5-10 cm of Compost or Worm Humus before sowing the seeds.

Tatsoi like cold weather, but frost can wilt them, so consider sowing seeds indoors six weeks before the last frost and then transplanting outdoors.

Space the plants at least 15cm apart once they are 5 to 10cm tall.

Water once a week and add a layer of dry leaves to retain moisture.

Harvest the Green Tatsoi:

This quick vegetable can be harvested in just 3 weeks after planting for young greens or you can wait the full 7 weeks to harvest the mature leaves.

You can let the rest of the plant continue to mature, or you can cut off the entire head on the stem.
Sow seeds every 3 weeks for a continuous crop.
Tatsoi Compatible Plants :

You can plant tatsoi next to those vegetables: Lettuce, Mustard, Kale, Endive, Mizuna and Spinach.

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