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Kohlrabi seeds

Kohlrabi seeds

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Kohlrabi is a sweet-tasting root (and sometimes with a spicy touch), which comes from the cruciferous family, a mixture of cabbage and turnip.

This root vegetable is believed to have originated in Bohemia (region of the Czech Republic) in the 17th century, as a hybrid between turnip and wild cabbage.

Kohlrabi are an important source of vegetable oil. The oil from its seed is used in the manufacture of lubricants, greases, lacquers, varnishes, soaps, resins, nylon, plastics, insect repellents, stabilizers and pharmaceutical products.

It is recommended to consume it to people with cardiovascular problems, due to its low sodium content and its high content of potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. It is also diuretic, and has a lot of fiber.

It is considered a healthy alternative to potatoes, since it does not contain as many carbohydrates, but it does provide significant amounts of minerals, vitamins, and organic compounds that are beneficial to human health.

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