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Chinese cabbage seeds

Chinese cabbage seeds

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As its name indicates, it originated in China and has spread throughout almost the entire world.

This variety of cabbage has the leaves around the main bud but they are not as tight as cabbage, its cousin, so at first glance it looks more like lettuce, and its flavor is a mixture of both.

For their cultivation, the best is a mild climate, since they are sensitive to cold that can cause the flower to rise prematurely, but they are also negatively affected by hot weather and increased hours of sunlight, the optimum temperature for cultivation is between 15º and 20º c.

 The best soil to plant them is sandy and it likes soil with organic matter, so we will add worm humus or compost to this.

The optimal germination temperature of 18º C. and in about 30 days we can transplant them.

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