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Seeds of Chile Serrano

Seeds of Chile Serrano

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During pre-Hispanic times, its cultivation was already known. This variety is also known as "green chili". It presents small and elongated fruits about 3 to 5 cm long with a cylindro-conical shape. Its skin is smooth and shiny, green in color and when ripe it changes to bright or pale red, a hue that becomes ocher in dried fruits, the walls are relatively thick and the pleasant seeds almost completely fill the cavity of the fruit.

This variety is strongly spicy in flavor. It is best grown in warm, well-drained soil. Lack of water and low temperatures affect its development.

The degree of heat in chili peppers is determined by a substance called "capsaicin" or "capsaicin" whose intensity is expressed in Scoville units. (10,000 – 20,000 for this chili) This substance is a powerful antioxidant for which anticancer properties are attributed to it and prevents the possible formation of blood clots. Likewise, when ingesting chili peppers, the brain releases endorphins (natural analgesics) which cause a feeling of well-being.

Meaning and where it comes from

This chili is originally from Mexico, specifically it comes from the Sierra Poblana that gives it the name of "Serrano" which is where the first variety was originally planted.

Differences with the Jalapeño

Although they have a certain physical resemblance and a bit of flavor, the truth is that the composition and, most importantly, the degree of spiciness is totally different. When we put the Serrano on the ground is when we start talking about a higher spiciness scale than that of the Jalapeño.

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