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Seeds of Chile Santa Fe

Seeds of Chile Santa Fe

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The Santa Fe chili grows well in cooler climates due to its short growing season. The plant bears cone-shaped peppers about 8 centimeters long. Chili peppers have a thick pericarp and due to the weight of the chili peppers, the plant has a tendency to droop. The chiles ripen from yellow, orange to red and are moderately hot.

Other details of this chili

Origin: Mexico

Distance between plants: 40 cm

Distance between seeds: 5 cm

Scovilles: 500 ~750

Plant width: 30 cm

Family: Capsicum annuum

Flower colour: White/Yellow Growing temperature: 14°C to 25°C

Light: In full sun

Plant height: 40 – 50 centimeters

Yield: Sufficient

Minimum time for harvest: 90 days

Sowing depth: 0.5 centimeters

Germination temperature: 18°C ​​to 32°C

We will need heat and sun.

Chili is still a variant of pepper, so as a good nightshade that it is, its light and thermal needs are high but it grows well in cool places.

It even supports direct rays, although it is not a question of scorching them, because they will ripen too soon and even the fruits can suffer if they get too hot.

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