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Seeds of Chile Poblano

Seeds of Chile Poblano

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From the Nahuatl chilli, a plant native to America. It has a high content of vitamins C and A. During pre-Hispanic times, its cultivation was already known. It presents large (12 cm average) and fleshy fruits with a flattened conical shape with some undulations, generally dark green (sometimes light green) with shiny skin. It has a definite flavor and can sometimes be spicy. This variety is the most used in Mexican cuisine, ideal for filling and as a complement to different dishes. It is best grown in warm, well-drained soil. Lack of water and low temperatures affect its development. The degree of itching in chili peppers is determined by a substance called "capsaicin" or "capsaicin" whose intensity is expressed in Scoville units. This substance is a powerful antioxidant for which anti-cancer properties are attributed to it and prevents the possible formation of clots in the blood. Likewise, when ingesting chili peppers, the brain releases endorphins (natural analgesics) which cause a feeling of well-being. "Capsicin" applied in creams is used to relieve arthritis pain and chronic pain since it produces the release of of a natural anti-inflammatory.

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