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Chilacayote seeds

Chilacayote seeds

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The Chilacayote, is a creeping or climbing plant with yellow flowers, large fruits (up to 35 cm long) edible; seeds up to 2 cm long, dark brown to black and with petioles up to 30 cm; probably native to South America known only in cultivation, especially in the highlands of Central and South America. It is a plant domesticated and cultivated in the highlands of Mexico. Its popularity seems to be due to the ease of its cultivation in cool regions under extreme conditions of drought or humidity.

The fruits have similar nutritional qualities or flavor as the other cultivated Pumpkin species, but they have a very long lifespan due to the properties of their peel.

As in other cucurbits, the young herbaceous parts and flowers can also be used as a vegetable, its immature fruits can be eaten in a similar way to zucchini, and its seeds are also edible.

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