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Cardo Santo or Chicalote seeds on

Cardo Santo or Chicalote seeds on

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It would originate from Europe, but with a large presence in Asia, it is known by scientists under the name Cincus Benedictus. Holy Thistle is known for its homeopathic benefits.

Miraculous magical connotations are attributed to the Holy Thistle since it cured the plague and smallpox in times of pandemic, hence the title of “Blessed” or “Holy” plant.

Let us now highlight the medicinal properties or benefits offered by this wonderful compound plant, which among its main assets has a substance called Cnidine.

The substance extracted from Holy Thistle is bitter in nature and has antibiotic and diuretic action, it works as an aperitif, and it also acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Essential oils also have bacteriostatic, anti-fungal effects and can also be an astringent and disinfectant.

The use of Holy Thistle as a natural medical alternative involves effective treatments to combat asthma, herpes, and arthritis problems; It also attacks diarrhea and has action on patients with hepatitis and those who have liver problems.

It is also effective for cases of rheumatism, it is also effective for the production of bile, it heals most urinary conditions, and it can control high blood pressure.

Now, the most frequent and popular use of Holy Thistle is an infusion that is prepared for patients with a lack of appetite. On the other hand, it has a healing effect, helping to heal wounds and ulcers.

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