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Kabocha Pumpkin Seeds on

Kabocha Pumpkin Seeds on

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With this pumpkin you can prepare pumpkin puree and in Mexico we find it in Sinaloa. It also has great adaptation resistance, since it can be grown at 100 or 3000 meters above sea level.

It is an annual herbaceous plant, with a creeping, sometimes climbing habit, with long stems with an angular or cylindrical section, whose surface is covered with hairs and provided with tendrils. The root system is deep in its main taproot, maintaining a fasciculated and superficial distribution in the rest. It spreads creeping along the ground, and can grow more than 3 m from the base of the plant. The leaves are large, also covered with hairs, with a more or less angular blade, depending on the species, and a long petiole. It is an allogamous and monoecious plant, in which the first flowers to appear are the male ones, yellow in color, followed by the female ones with an inferior ovary and entomophilous pollination. The fruits take on very varied shapes depending on the species, being a globular berry of variable size with generally orange or yellowish pulp, although there are cultivars whose pulp is of different colors, among which we can find pale yellow or white.

Pumpkin is a species very sensitive to low temperatures. Its thermal optimum is 25-30 ºC, although it withstands higher temperatures very well. The germination temperature of its seeds is between 15 and 35 ºC, with the optimum being 25-30 ºC.

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