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Baby Halloween Pumpkin Seeds

Baby Halloween Pumpkin Seeds

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Main Features:

The Baby Halloween pumpkin is a variety of small-sized pumpkin, with a round and compact shape. Its average size is 10 to 15 cm in diameter. Vibrant orange hues, it is a popular variety in the Halloween season. Its distinctive characteristics include a sweet flavor and soft pulp, making it ideal for various culinary preparations.

Historical background:

Pumpkin has been cultivated for centuries and has historical roots in America. Originally, it was a staple food for indigenous cultures and was used in various ceremonies. Over time, the pumpkin has become an emblematic element of festivities such as Halloween.

Planting to Harvest Time:

Baby Halloween pumpkin planting time varies by region, but is generally planted in spring , when temperatures reach levels suitable for germination. Harvesting is usually done in autumn, around 75-100 days after sowing.


Pumpkin prefers well-drained soil rich in organic matter. A slightly acidic to neutral pH is optimal for healthy plant growth.

Climate and Temperature:

The Baby Halloween pumpkin thrives in warm climates. It develops best at daytime temperatures between 21-32 °C. Although it tolerates heat, it is also resistant to cool temperatures, making it versatile in different climatic environments.

Recommended Planting Method and Depth:

It is recommended to sow the seeds directly into the ground after the risk of frost has passed. The ideal planting depth is approximately 2.5 cm. They can be planted in appropriately spaced rows to allow for optimal growth.


Baby Halloween pumpkin seeds germinate best in warm soil, usually within a week or two after sowing. Providing a warm, moist environment will encourage successful germination.

Cultivation and Irrigation:

Maintaining a consistent watering schedule is essential for healthy squash development. Avoiding waterlogging and providing sufficient water during the active growth phase will ensure well-formed, tasty fruits.


The Baby Halloween pumpkin is ready for harvest when the peel reaches a bright orange color and is resistant to pressure. Use scissors or a sharp knife to cut the stem, leaving at least a few centimeters attached to the fruit. Store in a cool, dry place to extend shelf life.

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