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Purple Cabbage Seeds

Purple Cabbage Seeds

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Cabbage is a vegetable native to western or southern Europe. Its cultivation is relatively easy, it adapts to almost all types of soils, as long as there is a good presence of organic matter (HUMUS). Cold, humid climates are best suited for cabbage. It belongs to the Crucifera family. It has a short stem and the imbricated leaves form a more or less compact pellet or head. The average temperature considered optimal is 15°C with maximums of 23°C and minimums of 5°C. Among the properties attributed to it is its anti-cancer power due to the amount of antioxidant substances it contains. It is also recommended for the care of the arteries and the heart, it prevents the loss of estrogen and helps fix calcium. Rich in vitamin C. Recommended in the treatment of diabetes, obesity, uric acid, rheumatism and arthritis. Natural antacid with high fiber content.

SOWING: Sow indoors or outdoors, in a pot, planter, seedbed for transplant or directly into the ground when there is no risk of frost, leaving a separation of 40 to 45 cm between plant and plant, covering the seeds with a layer of fine soil. 6mm. They germinate 3 or 4 days after sowing depending on soil, temperature and humidity conditions.

HARVEST: This will be done between 70 and 120 days, when the pellet begins to be compact, not too compact because when it acquires its complete development it begins to crack.

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