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Tabasco Chile Seeds

Tabasco Chile Seeds

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Tabasco is known worldwide for the sauce with the same name, one of the hottest and most famous natural chili peppers on the planet. Learn how to plant this shrub for your own spicy delight. Everything about the care, techniques and conservation of the harvest.

What is Tabasco?

This plant can reach 2 meters in height and is of the shrub type, but, however, it produces small and very spicy fruits. As a curiosity, what draws the most attention about this plant is the birth of the peppers that are the continuation of the branch, giving the sensation of spears.

The sauce

And obviously, as its name indicates, it is the base ingredient of the hot sauce that has already spread throughout the world.

The sauce contains, apart from the Tabasco: vinegar, water and salt that are left to macerate for a long time in oak barrels.

Origin, the birth of salsa

The origin of the pepper is from the territory with the same name "State of Tabasco", Mexico and that is precisely where the production of sauce was born when an American, named Edmund Mcllhenny, bought a handful of these chiles from a traveler who came from those lands. Red color.

So this good man, Edmund, captivated by their flavor, decided that he could make a small garden where he could grow them for personal use.

Time passed, stories and even wars delayed the creation of the sauce, but in 1868 Edmund began to create prototypes of sauces that he shared with his neighbors who began to ask for them. From there was born a company that lasts to this day.

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