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Ghost Chili Seeds (Naga Jolokia)

Ghost Chili Seeds (Naga Jolokia)

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The world of chili is exciting for many and there are more and more lovers of exotic cuisine, with different spicy tones, chilies and sauces. Of them, a well-known one is the ghost chili or Naga jolokia , one of the hottest in the world.


Ripe peppers are 60 to 85 mm long and 25 to 30 mm wide with a red, yellow, orange or chocolate color. The unselected strain of Indian ghost peppers is an extremely variable plant, with a wide range of fruit sizes and fruit production per plant, and offers enormous potential to develop much better varieties through selection in the future. Ghost pepper pods are unique among peppers for their characteristic shape and very thin skin . However, the variety of red fruits has two different types: the rough and dented fruits and the smooth fruits . Rough fruit plants are taller, with more fragile branches, while smooth fruit plants bear more fruit and are compact with stronger branches. It takes 7-12 days to germinate at 32–38°C.

Hottest chili scale

The current list of the hottest chili peppers in the world looks like this, with the ghost chili far surpassing the heat offered by the habanero chili:

  1. Pepper X (2,800,000-3,180,000 SHU)

  2. Dragon's Breath (1,900,500-2,480,000 SHU)

  3. Carolina Reaper (1,569,300-2,220,000 SHU)

  4. Naga Viper and Trinida Scorpion (1,300,000-2,000,000 SHU)

  5. Naga jolokia (855,000-1,041,000 SHU)

Curiously, the Naga jolokia held the world record for spiciness in 2010, although it was quickly surpassed by the Naga Viper 1 year later (2011).

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