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Chihuacle Chile Seeds

Chihuacle Chile Seeds

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From Nahuatl chilhuactli, from chilli, chili and huactli, dried, which translates as old chili. This name refers to three dried chili peppers of different colors: the black chilhuacle, the red chilhuacle and the yellow chilhuacle. When dried, they maintain their original shape, they do not pucker or wrinkle like others, and their shell is smooth.

The black chilhuacle has a matte black shell; It is voluminous in shape, generally measuring about 7 cm in diameter and 8 cm long, it is moderately spicy, and its somewhat fruity aromas and flavors are reminiscent of tobacco, prunes and dark chocolate. Due to its color, it is a very important chili in the preparation of mole negro.

The yellow chilhuacle , with a yellow or orange hue, measures 6 cm in diameter at its widest part and 9 cm long; Its shape is more conical than that of the black chilhuacle; It is perhaps the rarest of the three, and due to its color it is essential in yellow mole.

The red chilhuacle measures 6 to 9 cm long and 6 cm in diameter; It has a dark red, almost blackish tone, very similar to the yellow chilhuacle, it is moderately spicy and is used dry in various types of Oaxacan moles.

Other details of this chili

Origin: Mexico
Distance between plants: 40 cm
Distance between seeds: 5 cm
Scoville: 100/500
Plant width: 30cm
Family: C. annuum
Flower color: White

Growing temperature: 14°C to 25°C
Light: Full sun
Plant height: 60 – 80cm
Performance: Sufficient

Minimum harvest time: 90 days
Sowing depth: 0.5 cm
Germination temperature: 18°C ​​to 32°C

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