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Yellow Beet Seeds

Yellow Beet Seeds

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Yellow Beet

In (1558) it was imported into Germany and in (1806) into America where it was already consumed cooked.

The root system is very deep and branched. The flower stem can reach a height of 1.0 to 1.30 m.

The leaves are deep green and the petioles; that is, the leaf stems are red or purple.

The beet is a truly noble vegetable and perfect for all those beginners in the garden, its cultivation is usually simple. In addition, it is eaten from cover to cover.

Different varieties

Red Table Beets produce edible leaves within 35 days of growing, followed by round or cylindrical roots a month later. The leaves of most red beets have red stems and veiny leaves, similar to red-leaf varieties of chard.

Yellow Beets are valued for their mild, nutty flavor. Since these do not have red juice, they are better roasted with other vegetables.

Striped Beets that have white and red concentric circles which when sliced ​​raw are a spectacle on any plate

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