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Japanese Garlic Seeds

Japanese Garlic Seeds

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Garlic is a bulbous plant native to Central Asia and Southwest Asia, and has been cultivated around the world for its culinary and medicinal properties. However, there are different varieties of garlic that vary in flavor, size, shape and color, and can originate from different regions of the world.

You should keep in mind that this plant will generally not be able to form the bulb if the temperature remains above 25°C.


When it comes to how to grow garlic at home, this plant can be easy to grow in pots and gardens. You just have to make sure to choose a pot that has a depth of 20 centimeters. If you are going to plant more than one clove of garlic, you must verify that the space between each cultivated clove is approximately 10 cm, taking into account the edges of the pot. flowerpot.

The best thing to do is to sow garlic in spring to harvest it in autumn, although, on the contrary, in autumn you can also plant it and have it available all year round.

Planting garlic is very easy, take a clove of garlic and plant it. The pointed edge reminds you to face up. The hole where the garlic is buried should be at least 2-2.5 centimeters deep. If you are going to plant more than one in the same pot, remember to leave between 20-30 centimeters between each one.

To plant garlic it is important that the soil in which you plant it is well fertilized. Add a layer of Humus or Compost if the soil is very new or light. Remember that where you have them planted, it must be a place that receives abundant sun, as it is necessary for the good growth of garlic.

Irrigation should be done every 10-15 days, but remember that in rainy seasons, this should be skipped. Rainwater is enough. Keep in mind that to plant garlic and make a good harvest, the soil does not have to be very wet, as it would affect the garlic harvest.

When the garlic begins to grow, remember that the flower stem should not exceed 10 centimeters, as it would not start the growth of the garlic. Prune it when it reaches this height, this way you will achieve the best garlic crops.

If the process has been carried out successfully, the garlic can be harvested about 3 months after planting . The bulbs are collected when the leaves of the plants have withered. Once you have them, let them dry in the sun and then braid them. These braids should be placed somewhere dry and airy for better preservation.


Your garlic plant needs a minimum of 5 hours of sun a day to grow.

Pull out any weeds that grow around it.

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