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Chicory seeds

Chicory seeds

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Chicory is a type of lettuce that belongs to the Asteraceae (Composite) family with more than a thousand genera and more than 20,000 species. This family is characterized because its flowers are made up of the fusion of hundreds and even thousands of tiny flowers. This is the case, for example, of the sunflower. Although its percentage of cultivable species is not very high, many types of vegetables of various species are included in this group: leafy (chicory, lettuce, endive, escarole), flowery (artichoke) or stemmed (thistle). . A common characteristic of many of these plants is that their tissues contain abundant latex.


The origin of chicory is located in the Mediterranean regions, and according to historians, it was already known and cultivated in ancient Egypt. The Romans also used its leaves raw, cooked or taken as an infusion, for their medicinal properties. In Spain it did not take root strongly until the first years of the 20th century.



  • Root: The root of chicory is long, fleshy and white. It is used for the production of chicory coffee, a coffee substitute made from the roasted and ground root.

  • Leaves: Chicory leaves are long, toothed and dark green. They are used as an ingredient in salads and are also cooked as a vegetable.

  • Flowers: Chicory flowers are light blue and resemble daisies. They can be eaten raw or cooked and are used to decorate dishes.

  • Height: Chicory can grow up to a height of 1.5 meters.

· Life cycle: Chicory is a perennial plant, which means it can live for several years if properly cared for.

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