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Dutch White Clover Seed

Dutch White Clover Seed

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White Clover seed is an excellent option to incorporate into the lawn . Its ability to withstand heavy foot traffic and low growth habit make it an ideal addition to any lawn. The dense, green foliage of White Clover creates a lush and vibrant appearance, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the lawn.

One of the key benefits of using white Dutch clover in lawns is its ability to fix nitrogen. Nitrogen is an essential nutrient for plant growth and white Dutch clover has the unique ability to convert atmospheric nitrogen into a usable form for plants. This means that as clover grows, it naturally enriches the soil with nitrogen, providing a sustainable source of nutrients for the surrounding grass.

Additionally, it also acts as a natural weed suppressant. Clover's dense growth habit and vigorous root system create a dense mat that helps smother and outcompete weeds. This means that by incorporating White Clover into your lawn, you can reduce the need for chemical herbicides and promote a healthier, weed-free environment.


  • Perennial species with creeping stems.

  • Its leaves are trifoliate and green with white spots.

  • There are varieties on the market suitable for forming a low-height ornamental meadow.

  • Like grass it is slippery and dirty your clothes.

  • It is used in all types of gardens, although it is not recommended in swimming pools or sports fields.

  • Green color all year round.

  • Trifolium repens 'Purpurascens Quadrifolium' is used as a ground cover. Chestnut brown foliage edged with green and white flowers in summer.

  • Very resistant to trampling.

  • Resists wet soils.

  • It tolerates intense cuts well, although it does not need to be frequent, just from time to time.

  • Withstands low temperatures.

  • Low need for fertilization due to its ability as a nitrogen fixer (it is a legume). This characteristic makes it very appropriate to be planted in poor soils.

  • In poorly maintained lawns, or those that are not very adaptable to the terrain, it takes over other species, covering the soil.

  • Sensitive to hormonal herbicides, so these cannot be used to control weeds.

  • It can be planted alone or associated with grasses, which give the meadow an even and dense dark green appearance.

  • In pure sowing, 15 to 20 grams per square meter are used.

  • The best date to plant it is early in autumn. Quick coverage.

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