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Perennial English Grass Seeds 250 gr -500 gr - 1 Kg - 2 Kg

Perennial English Grass Seeds 250 gr -500 gr - 1 Kg - 2 Kg

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Perennial English Grass

Ryegrass or Perennial English, a variety of supreme quality ; based on the tests and evaluations that have been done on the seed, they certify that there will be no problems when sowing it. The establishment of the grass is very fast, showing tolerance to diseases, excellent performance in cool climates. In general, it can be said that it is a high-performance variety, under different maintenance conditions ranging from golf course fairways to residential lawns.

  • Ideal for cool and temperate climates. It has many qualities that make it worthy of consideration. The best grass for temperate – cold regions
  • Ryegrass, in general, grows best in fertile, well-drained soils, but also tolerates wet soils better than some other grasses.
  • It does not tolerate periods of drought or long periods of extreme temperatures.
  • It prefers full sun but also tolerates partial shade. Perennial ryegrass has the highest wear tolerance of any fresh seasonal grass and is often used around homes, schools and parks.
  • Because it germinates quickly. (5 to 8 days).
  • Dark green color.

This grass is naturally very dark green , perfect for use in open spaces, sports fields, home gardens and other places where a high quality dark grass is desired.

  • Greater resistance to diseases.
  • Traffic Tolerant
  • Whether the application is a backyard, golf course, sports field or any other area that has extra pressure from footsteps.
  • It has also shown good resistance to low winter temperatures.



1 Kg / 20 m2


Spring and early autumn

Planting depth



5-10 days

Optimum PH range

07/05 to 04/07

cutting height

From 2.5 to 7.5 cm


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