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Small Pot 7.6 cm for Germination (5 pack)

Small Pot 7.6 cm for Germination (5 pack)

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The use of small pots in plant germination is a common practice and has several important advantages. Here are some reasons to use small pots in this process:

  1. Control of the environment: Small pots allow better control of the germination environment. You can more precisely control the amount of substrate, humidity and temperature, which is essential for germination success.

  2. Avoid excess water: Small pots retain less water compared to larger pots. This helps prevent excess moisture, which can be detrimental to seeds in the initial stages of growth.

  3. Less risk of diseases and fungi: By reducing space and humidity in pots, the likelihood of seeds being attacked by diseases or fungi that thrive in humid, closed environments is reduced.

  4. Easy handling: Small pots are easier to handle and move. You can transplant the seedlings more accurately when they are ready to be moved to larger pots or the garden.

  5. Space saving : If you have limited space, small pots take up less space and allow you to germinate a larger number of plants in a small area.

  6. Less substrate waste: By using small pots, less substrate is needed, which can save resources and money.

  7. Observation and monitoring: With small pots, it is easier to observe the development of the seedlings and track their growth. This allows you to identify problems early and take corrective action.

  8. Flexibility: You can experiment with different types of substrate and germination techniques in small pots without investing too much time or resources.

It is important to note that once the seedlings grow large enough, they will need to be transplanted into larger pots or into the garden so they can develop properly.

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