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Long Orejona Lettuce Seeds

Long Orejona Lettuce Seeds

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The long-eared lettuce is a variety of lettuce that is characterized by having elongated leaves and a compact head similar to the traditional orejona lettuce. Its definition, historical origin, differences with other lettuces and aspects of cultivation are described below, from planting to harvest.

Historical Origin

Lettuce is native to the Mediterranean region and has been cultivated for thousands of years. The long-eared variety has been developed from selections and mutations of common lettuce, and has been bred by farmers over time.

Difference with Other Lettuces

Long-eared lettuce differs from other varieties by its elongated leaves and compact head. Unlike loose-leaf lettuces, such as curly lettuce or oakleaf lettuce, this variety has more pronounced upright growth and an elongated shape to its leaves.

Planting Time to Harvest

The time from planting to harvesting long-eared lettuce varies depending on the specific variety and growing conditions. Usually the estimated time is 60-80 days. It is advisable to consult the instructions on the seed packet or the information provided by the nursery for specific details.

Soil, Climate and Temperature

Long-eared lettuce prefers well-drained soils rich in organic matter, with a pH between 6.0 and 7.0. It thrives best in temperate climates, avoiding extreme temperatures. The ideal temperature for its cultivation ranges between 15°C and 25°C. It is important to protect it from excessive heat and intense cold.


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