Importancia del Tamaño de la Maceta en nuestro cultivo

Importance of Pot Size in our cultivation

Pot size is a crucial factor in growing plants in containers as it can have a significant impact on plant growth and performance. Here I provide you with general guidelines on pot size for different types of plants:

  1. Vegetables : The size of the vegetable pot may vary depending on the variety and size of the plant. In general, small leafy vegetables such as lettuce and spinach can grow in pots of around 15-30cm in diameter. Larger vegetables, such as tomatoes, peppers or zucchini, require larger pots, at least 30-45 cm in diameter or even larger if possible. For plants such as carrots or radishes, which have long roots, it is important to choose deep pots.

  2. Cereals : Cereals such as wheat, corn and barley are generally not grown in pots due to their size and space needs, although IT IS POSSIBLE TO DO SO . These crops are grown in agricultural fields.

  3. Aromatics and spices : Aromatic herbs and spices usually grow well in smaller pots , around 15-20 cm in diameter. These plants often have compact root systems and do not require excessive space.

  4. Chili peppers or peppers : Chili peppers or peppers also require medium to large sized pots. A suitable size could be 25-35 cm in diameter for smaller varieties and up to 45 cm or more for larger chilli varieties. As with vegetables, it is important to choose deeper pots if you expect the roots to grow long.

It is important to remember that these are general guidelines and that specific plant needs may vary depending on variety and growing conditions. In addition to the size of the pot, other factors such as the type of substrate, light, humidity and adequate watering are also essential for the success of growing in pots.

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Que tamaño debe ser la mácetero para trasplantar una planta de hinojo

Jose abreu

Que tamaño debe ser la mácetero para trasplantar una planta de hinojo

Jose abreu

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