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El Huerto urbano para principiantes - Hortyjardín

The urban garden for beginners

Advantages of growing your own vegetables at home

Grow your own vegetables at home

Growing your own vegetables at home not only provides you with a source of healthy, fresh food, but also has a huge positive impact on the environment and your community. Here are some reasons why growing your own vegetables at home is a great way to be self-sufficient:

Carbon footprint reduction

Reduced carbon footprint: Transporting food from other parts of the world generates a large amount of CO2 emissions. By growing your own vegetables, you reduce the distance these foods have to travel before reaching your kitchen, reducing the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere.

Use of natural pesticides:

Use of natural pesticides: Many of the pesticides and herbicides used in industrial food production not only harm the environment, but can also be harmful to our health. When growing at home, you can use more eco-friendly methods to control pests and diseases, such as using natural compounds like garlic, onion, neem oil, and other organic products.

Increase in local biodiversity:

Increased local biodiversity: By planting a variety of vegetables in your garden, you help maintain the biodiversity of your community by providing shelter and food for insects, birds, and other animals.

Reduced soil erosion: Industrial food production often involves the removal of natural vegetation and the practice of mass cultivation, leading to soil erosion. By growing your own vegetables, you protect the soil and prevent erosion.

Saving money: By growing your own vegetables, you have the possibility of saving money on the purchase of food, which can be useful especially in difficult times. With these points, it is clear that growing your own vegetables at home is not only beneficial for you, but also for the planet in general. Dare to start your own garden and contribute to a greener future!

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