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Calendario para siembra en Junio (hemisferio Norte) - Hortyjardín

Calendar for planting in June (Northern hemisphere)

June marks the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere and is usually a warm month, with long sunny days, the longest of the entire year. The luminosity is very abundant, with many hours of light and most of the days the temperatures usually exceed 20°C, and even much more in countries with a tropical and subtropical climate.

With these conditions, many sowings can be carried out outdoors, but taking into account that the vegetables will have to be protected from direct sun and desiccation, especially when they are germinating and while the plants are young.

Except for that small major inconvenience, vegetables sown in June germinate very quickly because the soil and air are warm, but it can also happen that nothing is ever born, and if that happens it is probably because the soil has dried out while the seeds were growing. germinating

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Therefore, water management is very important in sowings carried out in this month, unless they coincide with cloudy or rainy weather, something that can sometimes be interesting.

Sowing calendar for June

This calendar is optimized for temperate climates; for colder or warmer ones, it will be necessary to modify the dates, advancing or delaying them by 30 or 60 days, so that the plants find the appropriate conditions for their cultivation.

June Calendar (View or Download)

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