Calendario de Siembra para Septiembre

Sowing Calendar for September

What can we plant in September?
North Hemisphere

Once again, we are sharing useful information for all of you, compiling a list of vegetables, greens and legumes suitable for sowing in September. All these seeds and seedlings can be found in our store

With the month of September already underway, we are presented with excellent opportunities to plant new vegetables in our gardens. These vegetables adapt very well to the climatic conditions that we will encounter in the coming months and are mainly crops that resist low temperatures.

Among the outstanding vegetables and legumes, we find broad bean seeds. These seeds are a star product in September, and both farmers and home garden enthusiasts sow them year after year due to their high quality and productivity. These seeds are sown at the end of August or during the month of September, so that we can harvest them at the end of November or beginning of December.

The beans sold during those months are the most in demand. We recommend soaking bean seeds overnight before sowing to achieve faster germination.

Other seed crops that can be sown in September in the garden include:

  • Chard - Zucchini - Onion - Cabbage - Kohlrabi
    Endive - Spinach - Turnip greens - Pea - Fennel
    Lettuce - Lentils - Table turnip - Potato - Parsley
    Radish - Arugula - Carrot.

  1. Sowing calendar for September

    Additionally, in September, you can sow in a seedbed or small pot to later transplant the following vegetables :
    • Artichoke (on stick or pot) - Broccoli - Cabbage - Cauliflower
      Onion - Lettuce - Romanesca

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      Take advantage of this month to grow a wide variety of fresh foods in your garden!

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